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                • 类型:体育竞技
                • 时间:2019-11-25
                • 大小:91MB
                • 版本:3.3.1
                • 系统:iOS10.0以上
                • 星级:
                • 语言:简体中文
                • 授权:官方版
                • 作者:My Team Manager


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                Are you the coach or the manager of one or more soccer teams? Do you spend hours to send SMS or email to your players to inform about the calls-up, the time and the location of the matches or to say who is called-up? Is it hard to find their phone numbers or their emails?

                My Team Manager is the perfect application (not a game) to manage your soccer teams and communicate with your players via SMS, WhatsApp, email or Facebook.

                Add the matches, the results, the scorers and the training sessions, create the calls-up list, define where and when meet the players for the matches.

                Invite your players to download the app : they will be able to inform you if they're available for match and training and you will see it directly in the application.

                See how the presences and the goals of your players evolve and how the statistics of your team change.

                Publish everything on your team's Facebook page!

                The main features:

                - Manage more than one team
                - Manage your roster and your players' info (including physics data and skills, Premium users) and statistics
                - Rate your players performances and see the average rating
                - Add your team's matches, the calls-up, the lineup and your personal notes, the results, the scorers, the minutes played, the tactics. Share them with your players via the team Facebook page, SMS, WhatsApp or email
                - Manage trainings adding the session activities with the possibility to upload files with exercise explications (for Premium users)
                - Invite your players to use the application and get their availabilities for matches and trainings directly from My Team Manager
                - Push notifications for the players to recall matches and trainings and to ask their availability
                - Statistic section with team and players stats. Players stats are exportable to Excel file (for Premium users)
                - Indicate the type of the matches (league, cup, friendly, other) and use it to filter
                - Add and manage your training sessions
                - Training attendance
                - Add your team's logo
                - Add players photos
                - Configure the medical visit date for your players, the medical center and send to everyone a message to remind the appointment
                - Communicate via SMS, WhatsApp, email or on your team's Facebook page
                - Import of players from your phonebook

                You can purchase a simple or renewable subscription to our My Team Manager Premium service directly in the application.
                The subscription lengths are 1 months, 6 months and 12 months.
                If you choose the automatic renewal, the subscription will renew within 24 hours prior the subscription end unless you turn-off the option at least 24 hours before the renewal.
                The renewal price will be that shown on the button that you will click after having flagged the renewal checkbox in the purchase screen in the application.
                Payment will be charged to the iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase.
                You can manage and cancel subscriptions in your account settings on the App Store.

                Terms and conditions: https://myteammanager.wix.com/myteammanager#!service-en/c1avh
                Privacy policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/461920

                Contact us at myteammanagerservice@gmail.com




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